Hello Matthew!  I really do enjoy them as they supplement the actual video course I purchased. I just want to confirm I have registered for your Piano by Ear course and have loaded down and am working through the lessons. The key is to practice the lessons in between and sometimes I miss a week or so before going on.  I find the video ;lessons excellent and believe you have a very clear way of getting the info across. Not sorry I spent my money and supported you.

Ian, Australia

Hi Matthew,
I meant to tell you before now, I did get your course and I am loving it! I have learned a lot already and have been practicing my scales, chord, and inversions every day. I am pretty excited about this because I feel like I am starting to learn the WHOLE keyboard like never before, and I think learning my inversions will really propel my playing. I am in no hurry however, because I don't expect it to come overnight, but that's ok. At least now I know what and how I need to practice to get better. Besides I am enjoying the journey. Your instruction videos are very easy to follow, and I like that I can go back over them as many times as necessary, something I couldn't afford the luxury of, if I had a piano teacher sitting beside me. Great course! Glad I got it!


Mine is the usual story: traditional piano lessons as a child, a general interest in all sorts of music throughout my life. When I retired I decided to go back to the piano. I live in the south of Ireland and there is a university level music academy here and I found a nice teacher. It wasn't long, however, before I realized  the lessons were continuing where I left off as a kid. The approach was designed to make you into a concert pianist or a music teacher. That's fine because we need concert pianists, but I just wanted to play from memory all the tunes in my head.  My teacher was patient and nice as she listened to me stumble through my little Chopin pieces but my progress was very slow and frustrating. I couldn't really take notes, could not review anything. When the lesson was over it was over. I gave it up.

I stumbled along on my own for a while: a book here, a YouTube video there. I had a good ear and after a while I could play a little and have fun but finally got to a place where I was just repeating myself and had no idea how to go farther. What I wanted was a base to build on. I realized I learned best watching somebody show me things. There are many fine players on YouTube and it took me a while to find the approach I felt would be for me. Then I saw a video of "Amazing Grace" on ThePianoByEar where the tune started very basic and then was played in a more and more advanced way. I knew that was for me. I would be happy if I could play like that.

Since I didn't know where I would fit in I bought all the DVDs. That was much cheaper than the piano lessons anyway. It turned out I could comfortably start with the second disk. My only regret is that I didn't find that sort of course as a child, because I really enjoy playing and might have saved myself many years of stumbling around.











Hello Matthew,
I just thought I'd let you know that I'm enjoying the DVDs, and the lessons via the newsletter, as well. I was able to progress to the lesson on adding a chord to the melody in the right hand fairly quickly, but can see that I'm going to be here a while. I feel very challenged here. When I first ordered your CDs, I was more interested in learning how to  "accompany" people who wanted to sing, rather than learning how to actually incorporate a melody line into the chord. However, the more I do this, the more interesting it has become to me, and I find myself really enjoying it. 
The only questions I have, would be about learning to play accompaniment. I'm needing help in the rhythm, with the left hand as well as the right. The more I get into the lessons, though, the more I can see that what I'm doing right now, will help me learn all that, down the road.
I'm very happy with the products I've purchased from you. I've looked for a long time, for online lessons from someone who actually plays the kind of music that I want to learn to play.
United States



I'm a 74 year old "senior" who took piano lessons for two or three very brief periods of time during my childhood and teen years; but the materials used and the approach to learning, did not appeal to me - did not excite me - did not give me early "successes" and satisfactions - only a continual sense of "I'll never learn this stuff."

As the years have gone by, I have occasionally sat at the piano my wife and I bought more than 40 years ago and played from some of the sheet music, pop song and hymn books written for piano players.  However, when I played, my wife would often say, "Would you just stop the noise!"  Sort of hurt my feelings, but I sympathized with her because my playing really was so awful.

A year or so ago I decided that I really would like to learn to play the piano with a much improved level of knowledge and skill, but I did not want to repeat the approach of long ago.  I decided to make a commitment to learning to play by ear.   I made an effort to find local piano teachers and materials that could help me start out on my goal of learning to play by ear, but without satisfying results. So I turned to the internet and was amazed at all the information and resources that were available.

I settled on your web site, and ordered the first few items available for beginners.  I was emotionally touched with joy when I found that the materials and instruction were so clearly presented that with even only a little practice and study I could begin the process of learning to play by ear.  In just a few weeks, if not a few days, I was experiencing the early satisfactions that I had wanted and needed in my youth.

My piano practice time is extremely limited because I'm still quite active with obligations to my business, my church ministry, and my family. However, I have found that by following your instructions, DVD's etc. my skills are developing.  I know my piano playing must have significantly improved because for the past year, I have never heard my wife say:  "Would you please just stop the noise."   And I have even played a hymn or two, a time or two, for my little church congregation!

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Matthew for bringing a long time cherished desire and joy to me.  There is a long, long way to go to reach the skill level I'd really like to have. Time and circumstances may prevent me from ever getting "there."  However, the trip itself is one of the most satisfying ones of my life.  Keep up the good work; keep the DVD's and other materials coming.

Overland Park, KS







This is Caroline, I can't begin to thank you enough for the piano course. I am stopping at the moment at lesson 5, to allow my brain and finger tips to absorb it all in. I love the way you teach. This course is so much fun. I look forward to practicing everyday.  I also think you are very kindhearted and too generous to give me that extra DVD!!! God bless you. I like how you open your student forum for all to see, because i enjoyed reading peoples discussions about the courses.  I also love how you start off with a simple melody and you build it up with chords and variations to show us how you can really dress up a plain melody. LOVE IT! I watched the Xmas DVD and can't wait to get started on that!  I learned about a 7th chord yesterday, I had no idea what it was used for, so when i learnt that it was used to move onto a higher chord I was soooooo pleased, felt like a kid who found a candy at the bottom of my pocket..haha. All these little details make learning piano so much fun, because I know how to use them. Well, if ever I know someone who wants to learn, I will highly recommend to them your courses. Take care and god bless your family!

Mrs. Kido, Japan


Matthew,  a few weeks ago I received my copy of Chords Galore. I purchased it during the promotional period because of the introductory price, but I knew I wouldn't watch it right away. I was sure the DVD was full of good information, but I thought to myself, "What could be more boring than an entire DVD full of lessons on chords?"


Well, today I finally popped it into my computer to see what it was like and I can honestly say I can't quit watching it. The instruction is not boring at all but concise. And the 'real world' examples keep me rushing to the keyboard to try them out. This DVD is another home run! Way to go.

Steve, Missouri


This is Clark... I ordered your DVD Advanced III the southern gospel stuff. This is great ! Thank you so much for making this. I've taken lessons off of many top Southern gospel pianist like Tracey Phillips etc.. I play at singing conventions and attend gospel music schools, but this helps break it down where I can slow it down and learn. I'm already starting to apply some of these things to other songs I play. Great Job ! I can't wait to practice this more and to continue with the rest of the DVD. I'm glad I ran across this resource ! Let me know if you ever continue with the southern gospel series. You're great..
Clark, West Virginia (USA)



I really appreciate the great service you provide. Since it is a DVD it can sometimes bring up a lot of questions and it's really helpful knowing you respond to my emails so fast and answer my questions. That was the one thing I was nervous about when ordering online. I knew I would have a lot of questions and it's so nice knowing you will answer them. A lot of services online do not have great support like you do and I really appreciate it. And I am hoping to buy your next DVD soon, because it has been a dream of mine to play by ear. Thanks again. -
Luke, New York









Hi Matthew.  As a piano teacher who has a great interest in learning more about playing by ear as opposed to the traditional methods, I am very impressed with your course. You make the approach to the keyboard so easy to understand and your inventive methods are clear, concise, and easy to follow. Also, your personality comes across as a very sincere person that makes you feel an infinity to you even though we've only met via your DVD's.  Thanks for giving budding pianists an effective method that will propel them into the wonderful world of playing by ear.
Jim, Arizona


What a deal! Matthew is a great piano teacher and we have found these dvds to be so beneficial! we loved them so much for our daughter, that we bought the advanced set as a gift for our Pastor's wife who wanted them. Athough she has played beautifully for many years, she says that she has learned so much and isn't even finished with the lessons, yet!
Stacy, USA

Hi Matt!  I wanted to say thanks so much for the wonderful music lessons you have been sending me.  I have already purchased all of your DVDs and I am so excited.  I am 70 years old, recently retired, and have always wanted to play piano.  I took traditional lessons about 10 years ago, and frankly, I was a bit overwhelmed until I eventually stopped playing.  Thanks to your lessons I am already making much more progress than I ever dreamed.  Never did I think I could play piano by ear.  Thanks again for your encouragement and may God bless you and your sincere efforts to help others play piano.




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Matthew Stephens
Learn Piano By Ear Blog

What Is Stopping You From Playing the Piano By Ear?
February 13, 2009 By Matthew Stephens

There are many of you out there who want to learn the piano by ear, but so far you haven't, but for many of you something is stopping you.  What is it?  Have you struggled with a certain technique?  Are you unsure that YOU can learn to play piano by ear?  What is the biggest question you have about playing the piano by ear? 

Tell me your biggest hurdle or question here!

Visitor Comments (36)
Biggest obxtacle
Posted By EARPIANO on October 14, 2017
I know chords snd can play worzhip songs with chords & lyrics, but I van't seem to master which cords with one another to make the sound fuller. I need to be able a song as I hear it & can't seem to do that! I taught meself chords, with the help of the Holy Spirit & even play with a worship team but I want to just rely on chord sheets. Hopefully you can help me.
Thank you. By the way I am a surviving major strike victim & am 67, so I know through God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.
Struggling to play the chord on my Left Hand and play the Melody on my Right Hand
Posted By POLE on September 29, 2016
Hi Matthew, it is such a blessing that I came accros to your website of "Playing Piano by Ear".

Mathew, my greatest and biggest problem is, my Right Hand doesn't seem to be coordinating well with my Left Hand, when I'm trying to play the Melody and the Chord at the same time.

I've been struggling for many years now. Please tell me "How" and "When" should I play the Chord to make a perfect match to the Melody and vise versa?. Please I need your assistance very much "RIGHT NOW".

I will pen off here, and wait for your professionally hint.

Kindest regards,
Pole, Papua New Guinea
I want to learn, but will I be able to do it this way? (or at all?)
Posted By JOHN on April 21, 2016
I've recently taken up learning on keyboards after an absence of about 60 years, and actually I was no good then! It's great fun, and I'm happy to be making some progress via my book learning - there's no-one offering services as a tutor in this little NZ town.
However, I really want to be able to get to dabble with some of my favourite types of music, especially blues, maybe some country, standards, or even classical pieces. The blues teaching methods I've looked at seem far too advanced for me and, I suppose, overly complicated especially in the left hand part.
However, I can follow most simple right hand lines so I googled how to put a left hand to a melody, and this is one answer - learn to play by ear. I really look forward to getting ahead with it, but will continue also trying to learn theory in particular from written tutors.
I think my main worry will be whether I'm clever enough to understand chord progressions etc, and also remembering a tune once I've worked it through - do you have to reinvent it every time? I'm also wondering about how gentle the progress can be - ie I watched a clip on youtube of the Chords theory and it was MILES beyond me: if these lessons are like that will I ever get there?
I don't expect to become particularly competent - it's too late for that - but would like to be able just to enjoy it and play for my own satisfaction. I do hope to get somewhere with Matthew's method and expect to try a couple of the free weekly classes and then get into a DVD after returning from our upcoming overseas holidays - believe me, I've bought a keyboard in UK on ebay so we can continue playing and learning during our five weeks there! Yes, my wife has also taken it up again after 60 years. We're loving it, and try to do about an hour's practice a day. Sorry, too long winded. Where's that keyboard!
classical vs. worship band
Posted By MALAWIMAMA on September 23, 2015
Hi, I took lessons from the time I was about 6 or so, right up through college. When I was in college, my father said he was sick of paying for lessons so I could play a bunch of songs that he doesn't even like, when all he wanted was for me to be able to sit down and play some choruses. I switched teachers for a semester, to try to learn to play by ear, and at the end of the semester, he told me I should stick to what I was good at! Yikes!
After many years on the mission field with little to no access to a piano, I have been playing much more. But I wish I could just sit down and play. I know most of the theory, all that I haven't forgotten, however, I don't know how to make it all sound good. I am horrible at picking out a melody. I know the chords. I have pretty good rhythm. But I think I sound quite clunky. I have been looking up different tutorials to try to figure out different styles, but I am still quite lacking.
Beside all that, my daughter wants to learn, but I don't want to struggle with teaching her all the classical stuff. I thought if she could learn by ear, with the musical understanding, it would be good for her.
Mental block
Posted By HDSHELTON on May 22, 2015
I thought I had a mental block in hearing the bass notes my whole life but recently I realized I do not. I believe there are techniques to train me to hear the bass or at least understand enough about using chords and octaves to add to what I can play.

I have been able to play melody since I was very young and I have practiced it all my life. I also want to be able to add runs.
Playing chords with both hands.
Posted By CALDAN on April 26, 2015
I need lessons on playing the melody with chords in both hands. A chord chart for a song like (Let it Be)by the beatles have the chords C,G,Am and F in the key of C,but i don't understand how many beats each chord gets.
Struggling Church Painist
Posted By PRINCIPAL83 on August 13, 2014
I can play by notes and took piano lessons as a kid. I Could play some chords with my left hand. I taught myself to play the guitar when I started teaching kindergarten back in 1983. Kids love music and is a great way to teach. I play the guitar by chords and by ear. Three years ago I started playing the piano for our small county church. I do ok. I play the melody with my right hand and chord with my left. I wish I could change keys...most hymns are written in keys that are too high for most folks. I would like to just be able to sit down and play without music and in a singable key. I know I have lots of hole in my music theory. I didn't touch my piano for about fifteen years. The years I work as an elementary principal. Long story short...I'm now retired and would like to do a better job at church and at the nursing home I sing a play at would like to be able to play the piano along with some of my guitar friends. Really need to be able to play by ear and in different keys than what is written.
Posted By FORTUNEANG on June 21, 2014
I don't know my chords very well, and have trouble deciding which chord goes with each piece.
Obstacle to learning to play be ear
Posted By 580PLAYPIANOTODAY# on April 5, 2013
My biggest obstacle is I can't play what I hear especially the rhythm patterns on the left hand.
My most frustrating part
Posted By MISSPIANIST on October 24, 2012
It is most frustrating for me to 'just learn' how to 'fill in' the blanks between chords or add filler to stretch a chord. i can play the chords fine but when it comes to making a song really SOUND good ~ forget it !
playing with chords
Posted By CLYNCH50 on August 22, 2012
I know all my chords, mostly but my problem is the melody I chord all my songs I have played the piano for the church but my problem is the choir songs. I have no problem with chord changes after about 10yrs not playing in the church I had to get used to playing again. I like your style and you seem to know what you are talking about. I have brought other DVDs from other websites but I still get frustrated when trying to know where to put what chord Looking forward to learning more from you. I want to be able to hear a song on the radio and know how to play it.
Posted By CHASTITYL11 on April 11, 2011
I write lyrics and my biggest issue is being able to listen to the song that I have in my head and being able to put music to it. I want to be able to hear it and then play it which is not such an easy task. Also, I think that remember what I learned will be a hard task because I took lessons when I was younger and I can still play some of the things I remember and I remember the keys (mostly) but bringing that back will be hard!
My Biggest Issue
Posted By KATE on March 8, 2011
My biggest issue is: I do not know what to do with my hands. When I say that, I mean that I'm not sure how to play the melody or even just "fillers", the transitions, between the chords in a song.

I know all of the major and minor chords, and I can hear which note goes where, or which note doesn't fit in the song. I can hear the melody, but I don't know how to play it.

I watch my Pastor's wife play all the time, and she and my Youth Pastor's wife have been teaching me to play, but I still cannot figure out the melody of songs. I need to know how to take the chords and make them into a song.

Any help is appreciated! Please and thank-you!
Biggest obstacle...
Posted By JENILEE on January 16, 2011
My biggest obstacle in learning to play the piano by ear is not having a teacher. :) But aside from that, what holds me up from playing freely is not knowing or understanding the theory behind what makes something sound good when I'm improvising or what makes it sound bad. I play at church and play totally improv during communion, or offering, or ministry at the end, and I work off a basic chord progression like 1-4-5 or some combination of that, or something like 1-5-2-6 or whatever I can mimic from a chord progression I heard in a song. My hang up though is understanding the theory behind why a particular combination of sounds may sound good or bad, and how to make the sounds I hear in my head, on the piano. I understand basic song construction, but beyond that, anything that might make it warmer sounding, or fuller sounding, I'm a bit without knowledge. That's my problem right now, and any help on that would be AWESOME! As I'm teaching myself, I've been googling piano lessons on line to try to find anything to help. Also, I don't know what to do with my left hand besides rolling chords. Just lack of direction. That's where I'm at!
I'm Really a Beginner
Posted By KYOKOKANIME on January 3, 2011
Hi, I'm so glad that I could find this site to learn how to play piano by ear :)
I think mu biggest problem is I don't have enough knowledge about chords, and I don't know the techniques to play the chord becomes interesting, and flow in the music.
Thanks a lot :)
Can't put it all together.
Posted By KAYSANDEE on November 6, 2010
I play guitar by ear and I took piano lessons as a child, played Fur Elise on T.V. Now I am nearly 65 and have just never been able to put it all together on the piano. Watched one of your lessons on You Tube and I understood it. Still having trouble with my left hand. Thanks
My biggest obstacle...
Posted By KELLSOUTH on October 19, 2010
I thought about this for a while, and I kept coming back to "Fear." I guess I'm afraid to try because I'm afraid to mess up. I want to be able to play and WOW everyone, right from the get-go. Dumb, huh? Obviously, I'm not always going to hit the right note. At my church, the music moves very fast. We average 3-4 key changes per song (no joke!) and my mind reels at the thought of keeping up with chord progressions amidst all the key changes.

I took Suzuki as a child, got out of practice, took more lessons in college, then got out of practice again. I've got the foundation down. I just need to get over being paralyzed by FEAR.
about me
Posted By RETTA on August 3, 2010
I have good ears for music (locating the key/pitch) I need to vary my style playing.
Posted By RETTA on August 3, 2010
I'm limited with chords!
Same style.
Want to learn all styles, slow and fast. Runs, etc.
Eager to get started!
Feel I'm at a stand-still.
My biggest obstacle..
Posted By SANDY92 on July 14, 2010
Hi I have been playing piano for 3 years now and I can play the melody bit very easily by ear. Its the left hand, the chord bit, that I find hard. I find it difficult to catch the chords by listening to the song.
I can't always "hear" the note I should play
Posted By SHERILYN on April 30, 2010
I often don't know how to play even the melody line. Sometimes I can't tell if the melody goes up or down. I've had voice lessons, music lessons, and sight reading classes, and I still have trouble playing the melody. I know how to play chords, but since I can't hear the melody, I don't know what inversion to play. If I don't play the melody the songleader can't follow me.
Reading music is safe to me
Posted By DARIVYOUNG on March 30, 2010
I just signed up for the lessons and am really excited. I have been playing piano for about 15yrs but only read music or chord charts. I guess that's my biggest hurdle, I feel safe with music in front of me and playing by ear has always seemed like a huge mountain to conquer so I haven't given it much time. I mostly play with chord charts for church and consider myself a pretty basic chord player. I have always wanted to be able to play by ear effortlessly and so I am super excited about learning!

Dari Young
biggest obstacle
Posted By RICK on March 19, 2010
Hi Mathew--
I saw your rendition of "Blessed Assurance"on u tube and it really knocked me out,plus you seem a pretty patient and likable fellow,so I've ordered your double DVD.Really love that "southern Gospel Style"and think
it's just the thing for playing those country and w.swing type songs I love so much.I am a longtime "ear" player
with guitar and bass.In the last five years or so,I've(finally)aquired a
pretty solid theory foundation,as well.I Know the circle,all 12 scales,and all relative minors.I understand scale harmonization,chord construction, functions and progressions,inversions and "Nashville numbers".I've got pretty big"ears",and generally can figure out and play along w/most recordings
pretty quickly.for the past year and a half,I've been teaching myself to play fiddle,and I seem to be taking to it pretty well.I don't read music and don't really want to.I've wanted to play keyboard for years,and feel at last I have enough "tools on my belt"
to give it a real solid effort.I'm a bit intimidated by it--there's something about the fullness and richness of the sound of it that's a bit scary somehow.somehow all the theory knowledge that I've worked so hard to drill in seems to leave me as soon as I sit down and look at all those keys!I'm pretty confident that will pass with more familiarity.I"m looking forward to having an organized approach with which to learn,especially one that's been informed by your many years of experience w/other students.Also,I want to avoid practicing bad habits.
I'm really anticipating a wonderful expansion of my musical horizon!

piano to guitar
Posted By HAPPIEROC on February 24, 2010
i really would like to learn piano by ear because i have had many references tell me it is the easiest to ear out.
i know very little about piano, i am a guitar player. i would like to be able to hear a song on the radio and just play along with it. i have seen a lot of people do this and i wanna be one of em. im only 20 and i have been playing guitar for 2 yrs. and piano for about 6 days haha. anything anyone is willing to teach me im willing to learn.
i just love music!!!!!!!!
Getting frustrated because it's so foreign and more comfortable to just rely on sheet music
Posted By SILVERY-MIDNIGHT on February 20, 2010
Hi! What's stopping me? Well, I just feel so helpless when sitting in front of a piano without notes to play. I try to figure out a melody but all advice I've gotten from my teacher and friends who can in fact play by ear is to just try. I think that's just useless. I've never gotten a melody right and end up frustrated every time I try. Then it's just that I already know how to play by notes (over 9 years of playing) and I eventually end up playing those again. I already have a course to take my piano playing to the next level (cost over $100) and it really helped. But there was absolutely NO information about playing by ear (which was originally promised).

I hope you can help me over this obstacle so I can enjoy playing the piano without thinking about how sad it is to resign every time I try to play by ear.

I really want to learn to play by ear and all I just can't figure out is how to pick up the melody. I hope you can help me
Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks
Posted By JOANNEBALCOM001@MSN.COM on February 4, 2010
I recently signed up for your program hoping to learn to play by ear. I have played only by sight reading for the past 55 years. My husband and I love to join in the circle at the nearby grange hall. My husband plays guitar and banjo. I am learning to play the musical saw because it is a 'play by ear' instrument. My true love though is the piano. I hope this course will help me learn play by ear. I have a problem though in that I watch your lesson on the computer then have to run into the other room to try it on the piano. By the time I get there I can't remember what I am supposed to do. I am trying to resolve this. Thank you for this course.

I want to learn more
Posted By DEB29596 on January 16, 2010
I think I woud do better if you had time to give us more examples on paper when to use different major 7th and minor 7th and augmented in the hymns. When I see more examples on paper it helps me visualize how to use it properly. I can chord many hymns,but i would like to fill in better. thank you for considering our concerns.
I want to solo great songs
Posted By KENTAKU_SAMA on January 1, 2010
I've tried to play by ear from about 2 years but I seriously have alot of problems. I can hear progressions and find melody and even make a slightly complicated melody from a band song but when it comes down to it I usually can't compile it. ALthough I can play by ear something that may not even have a piano at all in it on the piano with both hands, it's just not what I want. I want my solos and covers to sound great and sound exactly or close to exact to the song and for it to be interesting and such. Usually I have trouble coming up with a good left hand. I've seen people on youtube create amazing covers and I want to do the same by ear.
Posted By DHAYUNGA@RGV.RR.COM on December 27, 2009
Want to play in church.
Posted By TIMISTY on December 1, 2009
I am 32, married 13 years, 5 children. I have played piano and organ by notes only. i cant remember whats supposed to come next to play by ear. I can sit down and figure out the basics of a song, but if I dont write them down i forget. I have taught these songs i figured out to my 11 year old son who plays the organ for the childrens choir at church. he just started..never has had a lesson and plays totally by ear..no music! Why can't I do that!!
I really hope this works! It will help he and I tremendously! And with 5 kids lessons are just too expensive!
we are needing another piano player at church..but our style requires playing by ear....soo...here we go!
Thanks for offering this.
want richer fuller sounds
Posted By ADMOR122000 on November 16, 2009
I have been playing for awhile but like most everyone looking for piano lessons im not where i would like to be. I can play pretty much just the basics with no color or fullness what i would like to know is how to add life and color every lesson i've bought teach the songs but not how to do it on my own or how to put it all together, i would like to know how to use extended chords and learn runs
What I need to learn from this........
Posted By TRISSY5 on October 18, 2009
I don't think the "ear" part is my problem, I can hear chord changes, I listen to the simple chords I play (in about one key) and know that there is something missing, some minor or funky note that would make it sound more full or more in tune. My problem is that I really never learned the actual keys, the names of the keys and where they are. Sounds weird I know. Sometimes I can play something and not know the key, but again, it's very simple, not full, nothing on the left hand but maybe one note. And I need help on learning more than key, the diminshed and 7ths and everything else, fillers, etc. I often play in church if the main two players aren't there, and I can read chord music and play a TAD BIT. But Lord help me if the song leader wants to play a song that I don't have the chords right in front of me. I can hear and feel the music, just need the basic knowledge.....I want to not rely on chord sheet music that is just blahhh...
playing by ear
Posted By SLSHARTLEY@HOTMAIL.COM on September 28, 2009
I have been playing the piano for many years as I read music but can not play by ear and am unable to play in our church since most songs are courses someone can play a song and I immediately know the song but I seem to figure out the chord pattern of the song.
playing by ear
Posted By TEK25 on August 25, 2009
I have been playing piano for many year by note.I have tried alot other piano courses that STATED THEY COULD TEACH ME TO PLAY BY EAR BUT NONE WORKED If i hear song on the radio i would like to play this by ear.
playing piano by ear
Posted By TERRILL4 on July 30, 2009
I have played musical instruments all my life, well since second grade. I am 35. my first instrument was the french horn. I have also played bass clarinet, clarinet and saxaphone. But I have always wanted to play the piano. I can listen to a song and follow along with the melody on the piano fairly easy after just listening to the song and playing along a few times. but how do i make that into the chords they are playing? and what do you play along with the chord? I am not very smart when it comes to the piano.
Posted By CF on June 26, 2009
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